PeopleSoft Integration Broker setup for Test Framework – Part IV

Let’s cover security that is needed to use PTF in terms of Integration Broker.

First of all, the Default User ID of your Anonymous Node.  Let’s cover the roles that user ID should have:

  • PeopleTools
  • PTF Administrator

I’ve also added PTF Editor, PTF User to the node user ID.

Couple of other things – these are settings that should be set by default in your Service Operations.

  • Service Operation GENCOMPONENTURL_SO should have permissions PTPT1000 (PeopleSoft User) and PTPT3400 (PTF Admin).
  • Service Operation PTTST_CONFIG should have permissions PTPT3400 (PTF Admin), PTPT3600 (PTF Editor) and PTPT3700 (PTF User) assigned. All three permission lists should have Full Access.
  • Service Operation PT_SOAPTESTER should have permissions PTPT1000 (PS User) and PTPT 3400 (PTF Admin); again these permissions should have Full Access set.  I usually add permissions ALLPANLS but your mileage may vary.

Your users are also going to have to have one of the thee PTF roles assigned, as well as PeopleTools.

We are winding down here, next post should cover it.  There I’m going to cover an IB error log that can be very useful.


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