PeopleSoft Integration Broker setup for Test Framework – Part V

How to get to the Integration Broker Error Log.

In our environment we use Windows as our web server OS.  So the paths I’m giving here may not be correct for a UNIX flavor environment.

In any event, to reach this log you need to have read access to the webserv directory on your web server.  The path should be something like:

<instance name>\webserv\<instance name>\applications\peoplesoft\PSIGW.war\errorLog.html

This log provides information in this general format:

  • Time and Date of error
  • Error Type
  • Error Level
  • Description of error
  • Message Catalog Information
  • Stack Trace
  • Request
  • Response

The Message Catalog information is from PeopleTools – and it points you in the general direction.  There may or may not be MessageParms which can further help with debugging.

Next, this is a Java web/servlet application.  So the stack trace is a Java exception log.  Sort of useful to read and get a handle on what is going on, but the other two panels may help more.

The Request part shows the SOAP XML request sent by PTF  to the Anonymous Node.  The listener for Integration Broker gets this HTTP request and attempts to route it to the correct node.

The Response part shows the SOAP XML message being returned by the listener.

So what is the usefulness of this?  Well – PTF is kinda dumb, but maybe in a smart way.  If it can’t make a connection to a node it makes you think you put in the wrong user name or password.  Good for a web login for security purposes – but come on!  This tool isn’t for the general user.

So the IB log can tell you things that the PTF login won’t.  I find it useful as I step thru the process of making changes in Integration Broker, attempt to log in, then look at the error log file.  As changes are made you should see different errors thrown until you get to that magic moment where PTF has logged into the node and the tool IDE opens up.


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