PeopleSoft Test Framework and IE9 issues

We ran into problems with PTF in that tests we had created earlier this year wouldn’t work.  Worse, the errors were inconsistent – first it would refuse to enter the current login information; it would throw errors after opening up the browser; PTF would just hang when at a search screen and wait instead of entering information from the script.  Our company had done an upgrade to IE9 from IE 8 a few months back; it looked once again as if IE9 was the culprit.

Our tools level is 8.51.1.  Doing a web search returned some hits – mostly of the ‘IE9 is not compatible with PTF’ variety.  So yes that sort of validated our hunch, but didn’t really supply a direction to go.

Searching in the Oracle Knowledge Base was frankly a waste of time.  Then we started looking into PeopleTools patches – and found there have been patches to PTF since our release.  In point of fact the patch for 8.51.14 had this bug mentioned as fixed – 12912401 PTF – Synch Issues with IE9.

We looked up the bug and found the text of the reported bug:

Hdr: 12912401 N/A TFRM 8.51 PRODID-5085 PORTID-289
*** 08/24/11 08:25 am *** 
Can not recognize innerText=QAS_TST_MSGSETS in IE9(PTF 852 902R1) 
 PTF throw error in log as object not found or access denied when executing in IE9.  The same test ran successfully in IE8
1.Execute process_run at IE9 and got unstable issue(each time got different issue)
2.Uninstall IE9 and reinstall IE8
3.Reexecute process_run at IE8 the script executed fine

Not wanting to do a complete PeopleTools patch to the system we tried the following:

  • Uninstalled PTF from the client machine.
  • Downloaded the 8.51.20 patch, and ran the setup in a client PC.
  • Navigated to the newly created PT8.51.20\setup\PSTestFramework folder.
  • Ran the setup.exe program.

That’s all it took.  The patched 8.51.20 version of PTF works with IE9; the few tests we had created with the earlier version using IE8 now run to success.

The PTF Signon screen displays PeopleTools 8.51.20, but it works fine with our current 8.51.10 Integration Broker setup and Oracle database.


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6 Responses to PeopleSoft Test Framework and IE9 issues

  1. Ganesh says:

    Did you try how you can run the tests for a set of values – input being the excel sheet ?

    • Lee Greffin says:

      Hi Ganesh,

      No, it was more getting an already existing set of tests to run. At that point we had not done anything with trying Excel to input a set of values.

      As a side note, someone else in our team has been using ExcelToCI and that has been working very well for us. As you may be aware ExcelToCI uses the same Java http library that PTF uses in accessing PeopleSoft. In any event the problems we ran into for this situation were clearly due to the client that is supplied thru PeopleTools.

      I also don’t know if you have seen the 8.53 client for PTF – I’ve seen a demo and it does look to provide more functionality.

      • Ankit says:

        Were you successful in importing values from the excela and runnung a test multiple times? If yes, can you please let me know how.


      • Lee Greffin says:

        Hi Ankit,

        I’m working with a different shop now, using tools version 8.53; and PTF is not one of the tool sets used.

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  3. Helena says:

    Thanks Lee! Worked like a charm for us.

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